About us

Our Purpose

Spatiality helps organizations to leverage geo-spatial technology for the attainment of corporate goals and strategic objectives. We offer project, management and advisory services on geo-spatial technology trends and the non-technical issues that need to be addressed.

Our Values

The FreeDictionary defines spatiality as any property relating to or occupying space. The properties that make geo-spatial practitioners SADD are Shape, Area, Distance and Direction, since not all of them can be accurately retained when choosing a map projection. Spatiality has embraced the same properties as its core values:

  • Shape – we will conduct our business in conformity to our values of integrity, innovation, teamwork and excellence;
  • Area – we choose to operate in vertical markets where we can offer a compelling value proposition to our customers;
  • Distance – we will go the extra mile towards meeting our contractual obligations and satisfying our customers;
  • Direction – we will keep our sights on the way forward for your organization and won’t be taking you round in circles.

Our Team

Willy Simons

Managing Director

Willy Simons has worked in the geo-spatial industry, since coming to Kenya in 1994. Over the last 18 years in the capacity of Founder and Managing Director of several companies. He combines his vast industry experience with qualifications in agricultural science, geo-spatial technology, business and project management. Willy cares about leadership, competitiveness and productivity and wants to use his skills to leave this world a better place.