Our Work

We seek to push the frontiers of geospatial technology and cloud computing in Kenya and the wider region and focus on the deployment and implementation of cloud-based platforms like Office 365 and ArcGIS Online. However, your success is what matters most to us!


Our ideal customer would have something in common with us. That means you are a start-up or SMB that sticks to its core business. Or you share our concern for the environment and seek to leverage green technologies. We might be able to help through the following key interventions:

  1. Access your current maturity / readiness and develop a strategy for cloud, geospatial and/or digital marketing.
  2. Develop a valid business case for cloud, geospatial and digital marketing projects and assist with the implementation.


Microsoft – We are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and have access to Microsoft software and increased support. Our focus is on cloud solutions and we actively promote Office 365 for trusted productivity, secure in the Microsoft Cloud.

Esri – We have been accepted into the Esri start-up program and have access to ArcGIS Online services, software development tools, and a host of resources to build SaaS solutions. Initially we will be promoting ArcGIS Online as a cloud platform for geodata and geo-information services.

BitTitan – We are a BitTitan partner and have access to their MSPComplete platform to administer and manage services hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. We promote HealthCheck for Office 365, which enables us to assess and remediate incompatibilities within your infrastructure prior to migration.

Green Technology

We embrace green technologies to help reverse the negative impact of legacy technologies and unsustainable practices on the environment. Two of them, cloud computing and geospatial technology, are part of our offerings, while digital marketing supports our sales efforts.

Cloud computing – Rapid change has reduced the technical lifetime of a computer to 3 – 5 years. This has increased dumping and unsafe disposal of E-waste in Africa. Cloud computing reverses this with the effective utilization of computing resources in the cloud. Less servers and PCs on premise also reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Geospatial technology – Geospatial technology has long been used for environmental management as a shared platform for integrated planning and decision-making. Geospatial technology collects environmental data, maintains environmental databases, supports environmental modeling and disseminates environmental information.

Digital marketing – Digital and social marketing is green and cost-effective, since business is transacted online. It reduces paper-waste through electronic documents and online resources. Most face to face meetings are substituted with online conversations and messaging. This means less time in traffic and reduced carbon emissions.