Willy Simons

My name is Willy Simons and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Spatiality. It’s my pleasure to tell you a bit about myself.

Personal Life – I grew up in the Netherlands and came to Kenya in 1994 at the age of 30. I got married here in 2002 and my wife and I have two lovely adult children. It’s personal, so let’s leave it at that for now.

Career – Not sure whether to call it a career, since it all seems accidental. I came here looking for work, since my illustrious career in Europe never took off. I first worked as a GIS specialist before becoming the co-founder and managing director of Oakar Services, Esri Eastern Africa and now Spatiality.


Email             : [email protected]

Twitter         : @Willy_Simons

LinkedIn       : linkedin.com/in/willy-simons-53805b5


Science – I studied Soil Science at Wageningen Agricultural University, and keep a concern for the loss and degradation of land and water resources. Science helped me to understand and appreciate our natural environment and instilled a love for new learning and research.

Technology – I started programming in university and at one point learned everything about Geographic Information Systems. I am fascinated by all aspects of Information Technology, since it can solve real-world problems and enhance efficiency and productivity.

Business – After running a business for some years, I decided to learn the theory and pursue an MBA. I loved all the reading, and the theorizing of social science. HR and marketing taught me lots about human behavior and I now find working with people exciting and rewarding.

Philosophy – My parentage loved God, hard work and community service. I might have started off as an egotistic genius, but ended up pretty much the same. Taking care of our world, helping others, and utilizing my gifts and talents sums me up and makes me tick.