Who We Are


We are passionate about Information Technology, and Geospatial Technology and Cloud Computing are our niche. Geospatial Technology delivers geo-data and geo-information services typically as maps. It unlocks the locational aspect of traditional data to deliver new insights and better decision-making. Cloud Computing is massively flexible and scalable and gives businesses of any size access to on-demand services hosted in the cloud. It ensures that anyone in your organization can access the required IT services anytime, anywhere, on any device.

We are concerned about the planet and promote Geospatial Technology and Cloud Computing for a better world. Geospatial will provide insight into the state of our environment and facilitate integrated and participatory planning. Cloud is a green solution by nature, since it enhances computing efficiency and reduces wastage.


The FreeDictionary defines spatiality as any property relating to or occupying space. The properties that make Geospatial practitioners SADD are Shape, Area, Distance and Direction, since not all of them can be accurately retained when projecting a map. To make you happy, we have turned these properties into our core values:

Shape – we will conduct our business in conformity to our values of integrity, innovation, teamwork and excellence;

Area – we choose to operate in vertical markets where we can offer a compelling value proposition to our customers;

Distance – we will go the extra mile towards meeting our contractual obligations and satisfying our customers;

Direction – we will keep our sights on the way forward for your organization and won’t be taking you round in circles.